It provides recruitments at middle level, senior and top management level for various Industries. The entire recruitment process is done effectively after a telephonic interview, 2 to 3 rounds of a one on one interview, thoroughly screening and then the final short listing of the candidates. The screening and the final short listing is based on various competencies of the candidate such as knowledge, experience and behaviour. During the screening process, the candidate is assessed on the basis of personal grooming, presentation, etiquettes, body language, communication skills, spoken english, academic record, approach, potential, future plans, ambitions and growth. When a candidate walks out after an interview, he/she is given a sort of a rating.

Consultancy, Career counseling, planning and resume designing for CANDIDATES

There are a lot of candidates, who after completing their education dont’ really know as to what career path to take. For such , an aptitude test is conducted and a career counseling is given to them.  A right guidance is given to them according to their potential and the correct path is shown to them. Candidates are helped in making his/her resume in the right manner. They are also helped in preparing for the interview. A complete insight about the company’s profile,culture, values, visions and goals is given to the candidate.


Consultancy for CLIENTS

We understand the client’s work culture and its code of ethics and then strictly adhere to its norms. We thoroughly understand the client’s requirement and then accordingly make our recruiters understand, so that they can go for the right search. The quality of service is our top priority. By adopting the right practice and methodology, we ensure a timely search and a successful one too.

We also understand the clients’ changing needs by following their track and then ensure maximum satisfaction. In the changing scenario, we try to make the clients understand as to what kind of profiles to be adopted in order to improve the company’s overall structure and maximize the profitability. Whenever, we come across any good candidate, we introduce him / her  to the related clients and tell them that how can they be benefited if they hire this particular candidate. We always try to work in close coordination with our clients so as to provide value-added expertise during and after every assignment. We focus on the significance of human capital in order to produce a sustained growth and profitability by commiting a timely and an efficient execution of assisgnments.

Training and Development

Every company incurs two types of costs – visible and invisible. By imparting soft skills training, we help companies to control invisible costs. Employees , in whatever capacity they work, commercial sense  is  most important. Our training programs are aimed at bringing commercial sense among them.

We give a lot of emphasis on training and development. The main areas of focus is on behavioral and attitudinal training for young professionals who are at the threshold of their career. During the process of an interview, we come across lot of candidates who have a great potential and can do wonders, if properly trained. There are a lot of people whose skills need honing and the talent needs to be polished. We have in-house trainers who provide soft skills training, effective communication and personality development program and customer service etiquettes.

After conducting an interview, the short listed candidates are sent to the client for the final selection. The selected candidates [ if required and on clients requirement ]  go through a set training module and are subsequently hired by the company.



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