SPECTRUM was incorporated in the year 2003. It started as a recruitment company for the entry level placements and then gradually moved on to middle and senior levels. Now, as a part of its services, it also provides consultancy, training and counseling to its candidates.

The multifaceted team of SPECTRUM comprise of experienced, specialized and focused professionals, with the prime objective to search the right people for the right job and get them hired with the apt organizations. It provides advisory services to both, its clients and candidates at middle and senior level recruitments, for various industries / sectors such as Hotel Industry, F & B Sector, Retail Industry, Consumer durable sector, FMCG Sector, Automobile Industry, Construction and Real Estate Industry.

It has a very strong database for the top management, senior and middle level positions. This database is made after thoroughly screening the candidates, especially for senior and middle level positions. Its recruitment team is on a constant search using various effective tools. If required, it also does head-hunting for the top management and senior level positions. Apart from recruitments, if the employers desire, they can also retain SPECTRUM for their specific needs such as :

[a] impart training to candidates as per their requirements and company’s standards.
[b] advertisements through print and electronic media at their cost.

The team of SPECTRUM very strongly believes that human resource is the most valuable asset, simply because most assets depreciate with time but the human resource is the only one which appreciates over the years. Spectrum also believes that it is very essential for an employer and employee to have a long lasting relationship and therefore, it becomes important for them to have a temperamental and intellectual compatibility.

Thus, it assists various organizations in identifying and recruiting the right kind of qualified and talented professionals who can work towards building it up, contributing to its glory, achieving its success and ultimately driving it towards its goals.


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